Our Services

Management & Quality assurance

We work with both lean and process management and develop solutions for public and private organisations in the field of justice and migration. We make your management more efficient, valuable and inspiring. JustDevelop assists you to ensure the added value of your service or product and to work with a continous improvement management system. We link crucial data to an optimised quality assurance system and develop new digital management tools when needed.

Technical assistance

We are experts in justice and migration. We have both national and international experience in several fields, such as, rule of law, access to justice, crime prevention, policing, criminal law, asylum and reception procedures, housing and integration. We provide assistance in Sweden and abroad with a multidisciplinary approach. JustDevelop aims to have at least 25 per cent of the technical assistance linked to international development cooperation.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Based on our technical expertise and management experience we monitor and evaluate in sync with your development. For example, when implementing a change in a process we offer a tailormade monitoring to ensure a smooth transition. We also evaluate national and international projects. We use and develop digital evaluation tools to ensure a wide participation and basis for the evaluation.

Training & Conferences

We are often asked to assist with training in the field of justice and migration. We develop specialised training programmes or workshops in close cooperation with the client. A workshop can be a standalone inspirational session or the starting point for a wider plan of change. JustDevelop can also assist you to carry out a conference linked to justice and/or migration. We have in-house experience of arranging large EU conferences and setting up international multidisciplinary operative meetings.

Benefit from

Expertise in the field of Justice and Migration