About us

Mission statement

"With a multidisciplinary approach ensure and develop rule of law, access to justice and sustainable solutions in the field of migration and asylum"

JustDevelop AB, founded in 2016 by Ulrik Åshuvud, will gradually grow its multidisciplinary and international team. A number of senior consultants will be associated during the second half of 2017. Management will be strengthened by new members on the Board of Directors.

Examples of contracts and assignments

Advice and business development to private company providing reception housing for asylum seekers

Training of managers and staff of 7 reception centres

Analysis of the effect of new migration legislation in Sweden

Quality assurance workshop for staff at a reception centre with follow-up monitoring

Workshop for professional staff in municipalities on migration management - focus on housing and integration

Management assistance in developing sustainable, climate smart and affordable modular wooden housing

Technical assistance on return management

Return management in Turkey

Development of an adapted quality assurance system for a private organisation

Ongoing technical assistance to the UWC Refugee Initiative - cooperation agreement between UNHCR and UWC completed in May 2017.

Expertise on special reception needs, ERA Annual Conference on European Asylum Law

About us

We work with human rights in practice